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Item # Product Name Price
23281 Pictures!! Van Norman 570 Broach Head & Block Resurfacer
Basket Case Project or Spare Parts
23263 Pictures!! Winona Van Norman M3000 Resurfacer
14 inch CBN milling hub Variable speed traverse
23252 Pictures!! Storm Vulcan 85B Blockmaster Resurfacer
More tooling than Ive ever seen with an 85B
23225 Pictures!! Storm Vulcan/Scledum RT-7yL Resurfacer
with brand new Jamison Milling Hub
13116 Pictures!! Van Norman 570 AF Broach Resurfacer
2 Speed Model With Flywheel Attachment
13114 Pictures!! Storm Vulcan 85B Blockmaster Resurfacer
Table is in nice shape!
13084 Pictures!! Storm Vulcan 85B Blockmaster Resurfacer
Good looking machine
13081 Pictures!! Winona Van Norman SM-4000 Resufacer
With Brand new head leveling fixture! Brand New CBN HUB!
13070 Pictures!! RMC /Comec300/900 Resurfacer
With 12" CBN milling hub
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