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Item # Product Name Price
23225 Pictures!! Storm Vulcan/Scledum RT-7yL Resurfacer
with brand new Jamison Milling Hub
23208 Pictures!! DCM HB3800-M Resurfacer
38" length capacity
23197 Pictures!! Peterson Comec RP1200 Head & Block Resurfacer
With 14" CBN milling head
13116 Pictures!! Van Norman 570 AF Broach Resurfacer
2 Speed Model With Flywheel Attachment
13114 Pictures!! Storm Vulcan 85B Blockmaster Resurfacer
Table is in nice shape!
13085 Pictures!! Van Norman 570 Broach Head & Block Resurfacer
With Bolster Plates and Clamping Arms
13084 Pictures!! Storm Vulcan 85B Blockmaster Resurfacer
Good looking machine
13081 Pictures!! Winona Van Norman SM-4000 Resufacer
With Brand new head leveling fixture! Brand New CBN HUB!
13070 Pictures!! RMC /Comec300/900 Resurfacer
With 12" CBN milling hub
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