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10 Newest Listings
Item # Product Name Price
23263 Pictures!! Winona Van Norman M3000 Resurfacer - Resurfacing Machines
14 inch CBN milling hub Variable speed traverse
23262 Pictures!! Peterson GPC 30 Parts tumbler - Cleaning Equipment
110 volt
23261 Pictures!! MTE/CCP PT-38 Pressure tester - Miscellaneous Equipment
23256 Pictures!! Axe SW-20 Spraywasher With Soak Tank - Cleaning Equipment
220 volt 3 phase Electric heat
23255 Pictures!! Storm Vulcan Spraywasher - Cleaning Equipment
gas heat
23253 Pictures!! Peterson HC-1 Cylinder Hone Cabinet - Block Boring and Honing Machines
Used Very Little
23252 Pictures!! Storm Vulcan 85B Blockmaster Resurfacer - Resurfacing Machines
More tooling than Ive ever seen with an 85B
23248 Pictures!! Sunnen CRG-920 Capgrinder - Connecting Rod Equipment
110 volt
23247 Pictures!! Hines Balancer *with Turner Upgrade* - Balancing Equipment
Updated with Turner Technologies Software Heavy Metal Software
23246 Pictures!! Sioux Electric Drive Seat Grinder Set - Valve Guide & Seat Cutting Equipment
110 volt Hex Drive