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10 Newest Listings
Item # Product Name Price
23281 Pictures!! Van Norman 570 Broach Head & Block Resurfacer - Resurfacing Machines
Basket Case Project or Spare Parts
23280 Pictures!! DCM Tech Airfloat Guide & Seat Machine Fixture - Valve Guide & Seat Cutting Equipment
23279 Pictures!! Piston Pin Press - Connecting Rod Equipment
Air over hydraulic foot control
23278 Pictures!! 455 Buick Torque Plate - Block Boring and Honing Machines
23277 Pictures!! Greasemonkey Classic Ultrasonic Cleaner 25x38 - Cleaning Equipment
45 Gallon Capacity
23276 Pictures!! Rottler HM-3 Cylinder Hone - Block Boring and Honing Machines
Uses Sunnen AN Style hone stones
23274 Pictures!! Sioux 1768E Seat Grinder Set *NICE!* - Valve Guide & Seat Cutting Equipment
Electric Drive Maybe used once!!
23273 Pictures!! Danmar Rod Honing Mandrels - Connecting Rod Equipment
23272 Pictures!! Sunnen CRH-50 Rod Heater - Connecting Rod Equipment
23271 Pictures!! Millport Red Rhino 5axis Head Porting Machine - Miscellaneous Equipment
New in 2009 Done only 400 heads